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DSM Food Specialties is a global supplier of advanced ingredients for the food and beverage industries, primarily manufactured with the aid of fermentation and enzyme technology. The products contribute in a major way to the success of the world's favorite dairy, processed food, soft drink, fruit juice, alcoholic beverage and functional food brands. The strength of DSM Food Specialties' technology base is that it covers all required disciplines from genetics and fermentation to application and nutrition. DSM is in a unique position to combine all basic disciplines and its broad expertise in biotechnology with nutritional market intellegence and consumer insights.

Domaines d'application

  • Alimentation humaine
  • IAA (Industrie Agro-alimentaire)

Technologies utilisées

  • Amplification de gène
  • Enzymologie
  • Fermentation
  • Genetic engineering
  • Ingénierie des protéines
  • Microbiologie


Siège de l'entreprise en France
15 rue des comtesses de Flandres
BP 50239
59472 SECLIN Cedex France
Tél. : 03 20 97 66 79
Fax : 03 20 96 45 01
E-mail :
Site :

En cas de filiale, maison mère

  • DSM Food Specialties B.V.- 2613 AX Delft The Netherlands
    Alexander Fleminglaan 1
    2613 AX Delft The Netherlands

Centre de production en France

  • DSM food specialties - 50239 SECLIN France
    15 rue des comtesses de Flandres
    50239 SECLIN France

Informations juridiques

Statut : Société par action simplifiée
Code NAF : 2014Z
SIREN : 42878666900021
Date de création : 30/12/1999

Personnes référencées

Responsable, PDG, Directeur : Hervé DENONCIN

Autre(s) personne(s)

JEANPETIT Dominique (Visible)

Dernières informations marquantes

- 30 July 2008 :
DSM Food Specialties has announced that its revolutionary protein hydrolysate, PeptoPro, has now been selected as the key ingredient in SIXGRAM, the breakthrough ready-to-drink sports beverage from DIS BV. Available throughout the Netherlands from August 2008, SIXGRAM contains 6g PeptoPro per 330ml can and can be purchased in blood orange, grapefruit and mandarin flavours.
- 28 July 2008 :
Maxiren® Gold is the latest preservative-free innovation from DSM Food Specialties developed to maximise cheese manufacturers’ production efficiency.
- 14 July 2008 :
DSM Food Specialties introduces a complete portfolio of application-specific and tailor-made PreventASe™ solutions. PreventASe™ is now available in three formulations covering specific food applications under the following sub-brands: Panna™, Bicra™ and Xtru™.
- 11 July 2008 :
Royal DSM N.V., the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands, today announces the acquisition of the business and substantially all of the assets of Valley Research Inc. of South Bend Indiana, United States. Through this acquisition, DSM further reinforces its leading global position in food enzymes.
- 09 July 2008 :
PeptoPro®, the award winning casein hydrolysate from DSM, has been selected by sports nutrition giant VPX to feature in two exclusive muscle building supplements. NO-Shotgun® v.3 and NO-SyntheSize® v.3 will revolutionize the resistance training segment of the sports nutrition market.
- 08 July 2008 :
Shanghai July 8 – DSM Food Specialties is proud to receive the Ringier Technology Innovation Award, a prestigious award within the Food & Beverage industry in China. DSM Food Specialties receives this award for its product Brewers Clarex™, a breakthrough solution for brewers globally with many clear benefits, among others substantial cost- and environmental savings which are on every brewer’s agenda.
- 02 July 2008 :
DSM Food Specialties has announced the launch of Rapidase® Expression, a white grape maceration enzyme, specifically developed to assist the production of popular premium white wines with an intense aromatic profile.

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